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Rooftop Secrets - Featured on

Updated: May 12, 2021

During a lucky break in the spring weather at the beginning of April I got the chance to shoot with a team of amazing and talented women.

The idea for this shoot really can be traced to the structure of women's vintage suits from the 80's, and those memories and photos I have of my mom in her shoulder padded suits. I really wanted to keep the idea of the power suit and the luxury that always goes with it in the movies, but modernise it for today.

We had the chance to shoot in an amazing rooftop location in the heart of London's East End. The setting really lent itself to the styling done by Hadley London, and the sun really popped on the make up done by Scarlet Cedano. Giovanna Coombes was a dream to direct hitting every cue she was given, producing beautiful images.

Have a look onsite at the rest of the images.


Styling - Hadley London

Retouching - Igor Milic

On Set Security - Loley Loley after a long day on set

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