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On Set: Mnemosyn Resolution Service Film BTS Photography

Back in June I had the wonderful opportunity to take part shooting behind the scenes photography and the post for a short film called Mnemosyn: Resolution Service written by Jeda Cacioli and co-directed by Jeda and Scott Kingsnorth.

Having read the script I was looking forward to getting on set and clicking away, however this was not something I had done before and was feeling a little nervous. I didn't want to ruin a take or get in the way, so I went to the internet for some help! After a little research I was far more confident on what to expect during the day.

The day started nice and early with masks and covid testing and I was introduced to the co-directors, assistant director, stars and the crew. Followed by a quick discussion on which scenes were important to capture, the film poster ideas, and then I was let loose to capture the controlled chaos of a film set.

Since then the film was submitted to film festivals and won Silver Award at the LA Sci-fi film festival. The award is well deserved by everyone who was involved and all the hard work they put in.

Here is a small selection of my favorites from the filming and the premiere:

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